To Resize or Not to Resize

To Resize or Not to Resize

You have a beautiful ring and it doesn’t fit. What do you do?

The obvious answer is, “you resize it”. But did you know there are more options?

The first step is to have your finger professionally checked for size, and determine what size your ring is currently. A jeweler will use a ring mandrel to determine the current ring size and ring sizers for your finger.

Your fit can be achieved by:

1. Resizing

If your ring is too small, then a jeweler can either slightly stretch it up through a process called annealing. Annealing is when the metal is heated up and stretched to the desired size and then cooled. Alternatively, a jeweler can add a piece of metal to the back of the ring, an addition to achieve the larger size needed. Ring resizing, if done right, leaves no detectable lines or marks. If your ring is too large, then a jeweler will cut and remove the necessary metal to achieve the desired size. 

2. Speed Bumps.

If your ring is too large, and cannot be sized small enough to fit, then you could explore the option of speed bumps. Speed bumps are bumps or humps of metal, soldered and smoothed in the bottom inside shank of your ring. They are wonderful if you have a slightly larger knuckle and a smaller finger size. The bumps help “grip” the back of your finger, holding your ring top side and more securely. Many clients remark that they don’t even feel or notice the speed bumps are there once the ring is on. Speed bumps can be rounded or squared at the client’s request for comfort.

3. Tension Spring

A tension ring (or a butterfly) is a U shaped springy piece of metal that the jeweler connects to the base of your ring. This is a great solution for fingers that have significant fluctuation in size due to swelling knuckles and finger sizes. The nature of the U shape flexes in or out depending on size.

4. Finger Mate or Adjustable Shanks

The Finger Mate hinged, expandable, ring shank opens wide to easily go over an enlarged knuckle, then closes and locks securely for a safe and comfortable fit. To open, simply grasp the top of the ring and pull up.

5. Ring Guard / Temporary Sizer

A ring guard, or temporary sizer, is a ring size adjuster that is a strip of metal which is clamped inside of your ring to create a tighter fit. There are also plastic tube sizers that accomplish the same goal. These are really meant as a placeholder until a more permanent solution for a ring resize can be applied.

6. Lastly, re-order or remake in correct size

If your ring is new and resizing is not the best course of action, your jeweler should re-order your ring in the correct size and exchange it for you. If your ring is older, then your jeweler should provide a quote to remake your ring in the correct size.

A good jeweler will discuss all these sizing options with you. They will go over the pros and con’s and help you make the best decision for you and the security of your ring.