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Fashion Forward.

We live in the vibrant city of Charlotte, NC. Our city is filled with many creative and fashion-forward individuals. Donald Haack Diamonds is consistently following the trends of fashion (and fine jewelry) from around the world and we can sum up in three words what our Charlotte, NC customers are looking for in their fine jewelry: Classic Casual Elegance. Those words are the cornerstone of how we think of our store and how we strive to meet your lifestyle needs. At Donald Haack Diamonds, we think of jewelry as an extension of you and your everyday life. It needs to be classic and unique, chic, but comfortable, have extraordinary style, but not be too flashy. It needs to have exceptional quality that is second to none. If you appreciate fine jewelry, you have found the perfect place to shop. Why wait? Although you are always welcome in our store, our website is ready for you 24/7 so you can browse to your heart's content or buy at your total convenience. Browse now.

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Fine jewelry designers we love. And, know you will too.

At Donald Haack Diamonds, you’ll find a number of unique fine jewelry designers we proudly represent in our store. We pride ourselves on carrying designers you won’t find in other stores in Charlotte, NC! Let’s be honest, who’s looking to wear something you’ll see on someone else? But, we also pride ourselves on selecting designers we know you will love. After all, we’re here to serve your fashion needs, not ours!

Fashion Trends

What’s on-trend.

At Donald Haack Diamonds, we tend to be less about “trends” and more about core classics that are always uniquely fashionable. This includes diamond stud and hoop earrings, everyday diamond pendants, and diamond eternity bands. But, if you are looking for what’s currently trending, we certainly carry that too! So, here’s a glimpse of  what you might want to consider for this year’s wardrobe:

Stackable Rings - Stacks and more stacks.

Playful colors.

Seeing yellow.

Caring for Your Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry is wonderful to own, wear, and adore. But, it also needs some tender loving care, and at Donald Haack Diamonds, we have a few tips to keep your jewelry in perfect condition.

It starts with taking inventory.

Take out that jewelry box and make a list of everything you own. You might actually find some treasures you haven’t worn in a while. But, you also might find some treasures you no longer love. Separate those and store them properly (more about that below) and consider what you might like to do with them. Perhaps it’s time to turn something you no longer wear into something you will!  Contact us and we’ll set a convenient time to chat about custom design.

While you’re taking inventory, check to make sure you have an up to date appraisal. Fine jewelry will change in value, and for those pieces you have insured, you want to make sure the value is current if it’s lost or stolen. 

Identify your gemstones before cleaning.

You can find a gemstone care guide here for advice on what gemstones you can clean safely.

The Safest Cleaning Methods Are Easy!

Storage made simple.

  • Sterling silver should be kept in an anti-tarnish bag or cloth.
  • Diamond jewelry is delicate and can scratch easily. When you store it, keep it separated from other jewelry pieces. A fabric-lined jewelry case with individual compartments is ideal, but you can also keep them in their own pouches or wrapped in tissue paper or soft fabric.
  • Gold chains can tangle quite easily. Always store them on a flat surface to avoid tangling.
  • Pearls or opal gemstones will draw moisture from the air, so make sure to store them in a dry area! But not in a safety deposit box or safe as that is too dry. Be sure to wipe them gently after wearing to keep them clean.

Most important: Keep your jewelry away from any chemicals!