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Always Fashion Forward.

There are a couple words that come to mind when we think of Charlotte: Casual elegance. It’s our guiding light when we go to market and select the perfect fine jewelry pieces for our showcases. Those pieces need to meet our exacting standards in addition to meeting your personal jewelry style. Fine jewelry is worn day or night - any time you want to wear it! It needs to be what we refer to as our 3 Cs: Comfortable. Classic. Chic. And importantly, it has to fit your lifestyle - the lifestyle we’ve come to love, living in Charlotte. If you love fine jewelry, Donald Haack Diamonds is the perfect place to shop. So, why wait? Browse now.

Colored Gemstone Jewelry

Color us in love.

There is no question, the word “diamonds” is in our name, but we have an enormous love for all things in the world of fashion jewelry and color. Saying it’s our passion is probably an understatement! Color is a way to express who you are and your individuality. It can mirror your style. It can be bold and contemporary or classic and traditional. One thing is certain, colored gemstone fine jewelry has been here for a very long time and it’s certainly here to stay. At Donald Haack Diamonds, we offer styles from fashion-forward to classic and timeless and everything in-between.

Some of our favorite designers use an array of color. Alex Sepkus and The Henderson Collection. Both have a flair for distinctly styled fine jewelry. From show-stopping earrings, pendants, bracelets, and rings, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Donald Haack Diamonds.

Simply put, you won’t be disappointed when you stop in our store. Isn’t it time you lived your life more colorfully?

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Diamond Jewelry

Always a classic.

Fine Diamond Jewelry remains the cornerstone of the jewelry industry. In fact, according to a study in November, 2019 Americans spent $36 billion on diamond jewelry! Famously stated, “diamonds are a girl's best friend,” and at Donald Haack Diamonds, our collection of this most popular fine jewelry staple is second to none. It’s also important to note that we do not sell lab-grown diamonds or lab-grown diamond jewelry, and if you want to find out more about our stance on that issue, feel free to read more about it here.

Without a doubt, when you are talking about fine jewelry, the single most popular purchase, and what we consider a jewelry staple, are diamond earrings. They can be large or small - depending on your budget! Certainly that is also true for just about any fine jewelry piece you own. But it also depends on what size may be right for you based on your stature. When it comes to earrings, in particular, you should actually consider the size of your earlobes. If they are small and petite, we wouldn’t want the earrings to be too large and uncomfortable! Large earrings can also be made lighter based on the metal selection and if the metal is thinner or more dainty. Fine Diamond Jewelry can be set in white, yellow, rose gold, and platinum.

Fine Jewelry Designers

We have a passion for our fashion jewelry. As Charlotte’s premier jeweler, here you will always find the latest fashions from designers who represent classical style and elegance. At Donald Haack Diamonds, we design and requisition fashion pieces, using exquisite colored gemstones to simply set diamond stud earrings and everything in between. How about pieces that easily transition from your day to night activities? We have that too! Here are a few of our favorite designers:

Alex Sepkus

Alex Sepkus is an iconic jewelry designer whose intricate finely crafted jewels are treasured by clients, collectors, and connoisseurs. Renowned for his signature microscopic detail, and metal finishes, Alex Sepkus is a true artist in the world of jewelry design, with pieces that incorporate the finest precious metals and gemstones. A master of distinct design and fresh originality in today's world, Alex is an artist whose priority is beauty with designs rooted in ancient traditions. His jewelry is considered modern art that can be worn with ease. 

Clara Williams

Clara Williams began designing her jewelry as a hobby and soon became a flourishing business. Today, more than ever, her collection brings out individuality and versatility able to be worn casual or dressy. Her designs are popular and often requested at Donald Haack Diamonds. They feature materials including 18K gold, mixed metals, and unusual treasures sourced from around the world.


A multi-generation family business, Dabakarov is based in New York City and is best known for its exquisite line of 14K gold and precious gemstone jewelry. What makes them special? Their designs range from artistic and bold designs to everyday wearable staple pieces - all offered at a reasonable value. Well made and current, Dabakarov is truly a collection for everyone.

Facet Barcelona

From bold, stylish, and fashionable trends, Facet Barcelona is perfect for both the discerning and value-seekers alike. Their collection is both contemporary and classic and the perfect complement to any wardrobe. We choose Facet Barcelona’s designs because they offer the classic and the unexpected cutting edge designs. Headquartered in Barcelona, their designs are the inspiration from this cosmopolitan and creative city.

Fana Jewelry

A glance, a touch, a moment — a love story can begin anywhere, anytime. The Fana love story is no different. The family behind Fana holds a rich tradition of creating elegant jewelry for sophisticated clients that goes back several generations. Their legacy merges a love for craftsmanship, elegance and timelessness of fine jewelry with modern styles that can be worn every day, regardless of the occasion.To know Fana is to love Fana.. Every Fana piece is created using the best colored gemstones and high quality diamonds, created to Donald Haack standards each and every time.

Mazza Jewelry

Dating back to the 1840’s, in a small town south of Naples, Italy, the Mazza family worked with coral and conch shells for cameos, which they harvested and hand carved in Italy. The Mazza Company has now emerged as a leading creator of 14kt and 18kt fine fashion jewelry. Second generation, William Mazza, honed his own creative skills and in 1970 produced his first collection for I. Magnum & Co. and Bergdorf Goodman under the Mazza name. Now, third generation run, The Mazza Company continues to broaden its designs with its newest collections which all reflect Mazza’s commitment to contemporary design while holding fast to the tradition of the Italian masters. 

A trusted company since 1965 Nava Dee offers exquisite and unique designs making them a popular and sought-after designer. Their carefully crafted jewelry designs incorporate rare gemstones and diamonds. Nava Dee never fails to create bold, beautiful and contemporary designs in rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Parade Jewelry

Parade’s award-winning approach to fine jewelry has earned the design house several starring roles with celebrities on the red carpet. They bring the same quality and beautiful design process to their fashion collections, creating artful jewelry, using hand-crafting techniques, coupled with state-of-the-art technology, elevating these artistic designs to award winning perfection. 

Phillip Gavriel Jewelry

Crafted in gold, sterling silver and precious gemstones, every piece of Phillip Gavriel jewelry tells a story that comes from the heart. At first inspired by the beauty and elegance of the Italian Renaissance, each collection represents the perfect combination of passion and heritage.

Sethi Couture

Every Sethi Couture piece is designed with a simple philosophy: Elevate the Everyday. From the signature diamond stacking bands to the feminine silhouettes of vintage-inspired collections, each piece tells a story of the past, the present, and the future that can be cherished every day. Sethi Couture designs are meant to be effortlessly worn and celebrated everyday and not stored in your jewelry box.

Tresor Jewelry

Hailing from a Family who for 18 Generations served as the Royal Family of India’s Jaipur Kingdom, Puja Bordia has an ostentatious amount of passion and love for designing jewelry. She has designed intricate and beautiful pieces inspired by contemporary art & architecture, while at the same time keeping the tradition, and amazing craftsmanship of 18 Generations alive. Each piece is a representation of rich culture, and unique story of evolution of how jewelry inspires the world; a paradoxical mix of the old and the new.

Wolfgang Vaatz

Wolfgang works with ethically sourced materials, such as recycled silvers and most notably Placer gold- the unrefined gold flakes and nuggets with smooth edges from the tumbling action in the rivers- he fuses to various silvers (ex: Argentium, Sterling, and/or Fine). Much like gemstones and rough, he purchases the placer gold directly from the prospectors who mine with minimal environmental damage. This ethic reinforces Wolfgang’s theme of nature and the empathy he feels for our natural world.

Jewelry Trends

When it comes to fine jewelry that endures, you can consider trends, but it is equally important to consider those pieces that never go out of style. Here's our list of what’s trending now and a list of classics that never go off-trend.

Stacks and more stacks.

Stackable jewelry is not only on-trend, we think it’s here to stay. With stackables, the possibilities are endless. Like a charm bracelet, notable dates can be celebrated and commemorated with stacks and layers of jewelry for your fingers, arms, and neckline. One for the birthday, one for an anniversary, one for a child’s birthdate and then you have your own unique stack. One of our favorite designers is Sethi Couture, known for elegant and timeless stackable designs. 

All that glitters is gold.

We’re glad to see yellow gold come back in fashion. After all, yellow gold has always been a classic choice in fine jewelry - and a staple! Yellow gold fine jewelry should be part of any wardrobe. Mix and wear it with your other white and rose gold tones. And, whether it’s on-trend or not, in Charlotte, it will never go out of style. The Mazza Company and Alex Sepkus are two of many designers in our store who use this precious metal for their extraordinary designs!

In living color

Color has always been a staple in the south but has become popular in other parts of the country a few years ago. You can never go wrong with a stunning colored gemstone whether it is the ‘Wow!’ focal point of your outfit, or worn as a complementary accent. We love how color can be an expression of your personal style! Our name is Donald Haack Diamonds and Fine Gems. We have fun and fine gemstones in our store and online and can select the finest gemstones for you upon request.

Loving Hoops

Hoop earrings are on the ‘must have’ list right next to diamond studs. The classic hoop earring never goes out of style! We carry diamond hoops in all sizes and precious metals and help you select the perfect hoop to fit your lifestyle. If you had to choose just one, we might suggest a classic diamond hoop earring.

All about chains

We notice the trend is to layer basic chains with the fun and fine statement chains to create a unique layering look and complete an outfit. We have the basics and the station necklaces, set with diamonds, and gemstones. We have the larger, fun chains that can be worn long or doubled - sometimes tripled. We’re glad this basic fine jewelry staple is back - and hopefully to stay!