Designer Highlight: Alex Sepkus

Designer Highlight: Alex Sepkus

When I look at a piece of jewelry from the Alex Sepkus collection I am often struck by how extraordinary the work is. That makes sense since Alex is an extraordinary person. He is inspired by so much, architecture, nature, novels and his imagination. These elements combine to lead him to design some of the most interesting and stunning jewelry today.

An Alex Sepkus piece is truly a work of art. Alex created a special tool to make the unique finish and textures in the metal. When examined under a microscope or loop it's easy to appreciate this attention to detail.

It’s this type of work, paired with his eye for design that makes Alex Sepkus jewelry so special. 

My top 5 favorite Alex Sepkus jewelry designs are:

1. Anything with the faces inspired by The Big Sleep.

The Big Sleep is a crime novel by Raymond Chandler. Alex was so inspired by this book that he adapted this jewelry set into "faces" beads and accents. 

Mayan gold jewelry. Okay, so these rings and pendants aren’t actually Mayan gold. However, these designs make me think of art and culture of the Mayan Empire. I see serpents and figures in the swirls and curls. It’s like looking at hieroglyphs.

Any of his crosses. A cross with a look of history. We see a hundred diamond cross necklaces, or plain gold crosses in this business. Alex Sepkus crosses are simple, yet stunning. Petite with a punch. A great cross pendant to wear every day, and set yourself apart from all the other cross pendants. 

The Swirling Water ring. I try this ring on often. Every time I do I look at it and picture water from a stream caressing the pebbles and rocks. This ring has such a beautiful and calming effect, very flowing and natural looking. It’s perfect for the woman who loves a low band and an organic look. 

Little windows. When I see a design from the Little Windows collection I'm reminded of a cityscape. I can almost picture tall skyscrapers with infinite widows blinking with lights. Whether you are a fan of New York City or San Francisco, you can see how these pieces have an architectural look to them. 

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