JCK Jewelry Fashion Trends 2017

JCK Jewelry Fashion Trends 2017

Every year we attend the International Jewelry show in Las Vegas called JCK. Jewelry designers, gem dealers, diamond suppliers and buyers come from all over the world to showcase and buy. It is the place to go see and select the hottest new designs, styles, and trends.

Our buyers attend every year with a critical eye and a game plan. They are hunting for those "hidden gems" - Unique jewelry and one of a kind selections for our discerning clients who have a signature looks. And yes! We found many treasures!

We noted a few trends from the 2017 show:


Stacking RingsStacking rings have been a popular style for a couple of years now and have not lost any momentum. This concept allows each client to personalize the look by choosing their own combination of rings. Brides can stack rings in lieu of a traditional wedding set, and fashionistas stack rings for a unique right hand look.  

Stacking rings can be found in most different colors of gold with a variety of diamond shape options. A diamond band is not limited to a straight line of round diamonds or princess cut diamonds anymore. The traditional diamond band has been updated with a plethora of options. These options come with different shapes, metal textures, and colors.

Another great idea for stacking rings is to incorporate your favorite color gemstone. Typically you can find options in sapphire, ruby or emerald. But other colors are available by special order. By mixing your favorite color with diamonds your options become endless.

For an interactive platform, you can visit www.joliedesigns.com to build your stack rings and customize the final look.


Statement BraceletsStatement Bracelets were something that really stood out at the show. We saw wide intricate cuffs and bangles, with either woven metal or inset with diamonds. Considering the popularity of the movie Wonder Woman, it is not hard to see this look giving women a sense of empowerment. It’s bold and feminine.

BraceletsAn option with diamonds could give a wide bracelet a “dressy” look. However, when you see what we found in rose gold and chocolate diamonds, you can see how we fell in love with the concept of artistic diamonds. This bracelet lets you wear your diamonds in a funky, cool and eclectic way. Picture this with a pair of fitted jeans, a classic white tee, and your favorite strappy sandals. You’ll get points for looking casual chic. 

BraceletOr, for a more affordable option, we saw beautiful designs in sterling silver. Wide silver cuffs with woven designs or braided patterns were hot. These designs can be more affordable added to your jewelry wardrobe. Wear single or in layers. 


Stacking BraceletsIf you are hesitant to wear such a wide bracelet, but you still want to achieve that same wide bold look, then you’ll want to explore stacking thin bracelets together. This is similar to the stacking rings concept. You can have a lot of fun mixing and matching textures, gemstones, beads and metals, and materials to find your personalized look. This photo is from our Luca by Lecil Henderson collection which is handmade in Italy. 


Y-NecklaceOne of our buyers made note of Y necklaces being prominent. Y necklaces in yellow gold, white gold and silver, with diamonds or without diamonds, with tassels or a simple charm. The style for the summer is Y necklaces. This is a great compliment for women as it elongates the neck and draws the eye downward. 

Y-NecklaceIt’s another great jewelry concept that can be worn for any occasion. You can pair that same white tee and blue jeans with your wide cuff and a stylish Y necklace. Or you can wear your favorite halter V neck cocktail dress and add a Y necklace with a diamond drop at the end for that upscale sparkle. 

Long NecklaceLong necklaces have been in style for a few years now, and this is a style we love. You can have a lot of fun with long necklaces. You can layer them with shorter necklaces, wear them down your front or back. Whether you choose one simple long chain, layered with beads and gemstones, or a long diamond Riviera necklace.

Long NecklaceThere is a long necklace for every budget and for every outfit. Your style and outfit can be enhanced by the right long necklace, even to the level of Red Carpet Glam!

And finally…

Jewelry trends come and go and it's great to know the current style, but at the end of the day your jewelry is a reflection on your personal style. Go with what you love and what you are drawn to. Wear what excites you and what makes you feel beautiful, stylish, and confident.

Enjoy creating your own signature look, and rock that look!  

And if you need a little help...you know where to find us.