What Would You Create?

What is considered Custom Design? There are two ways you can go about this. You can:

  1. Alter an existing piece you may have inherited or no longer love.
  2. Create a piece of fine jewelry from the very beginning with the help of Donald Haack Diamonds and our skilled artisans.

What every jeweler and artisan will want to know:

What’s your timeline?

If you want a custom piece as a holiday gift or any special occasion, be sure to factor the timing into the equation. Most custom pieces will take between four to six weeks depending on the complexity of the design or if you want to create something literally from scratch. If you are making some minor changes such as changing the gemstone, this can be far quicker.

What’s your inspiration?

It can be a color scheme, a specific gemstone or metal, something vintage, a photo from a magazine, some pictures on Pinterest, a painting, sculpture, or landscape. Be sure to share your photos or references with Donald Haack Diamonds when you have your initial meeting.

What’s your lifestyle?

Do you spend your time rock climbing or climbing the corporate ladder? Metals and gemstones perform differently. If you’re outdoorsy, opt for sturdier materials that hold up to abuse. Sweat, chlorine, and hard surfaces all take their toll. Think not just about your general lifestyle, but also how often you may be wearing the actual piece. Is it for special occasions or for the everyday?

What’s your fashion style?

Are you sporty and casual or more formal or dressy? Do you love vintage or edgy styles? Is your wardrobe more classic and timeless? More bohemian? Any piece of jewelry you are going to wear (often or not) can reflect and accentuate your unique style.

Will the creation have special meaning?

Are you celebrating a milestone, event, or memory? If the piece is commemorative or a gift, it can incorporate elements that are meaningful and personal. You might use gemstones from a jewelry piece you inherited, for example. It might be a style a special someone would appreciate.

What’s your budget?

Creating something custom can be as affordable as something you might find in our showcases. The price all varies on the specific gemstones, metals, and complexity of the design. Be sure to set a budget upfront. There are always options to make changes that can affect cost. For example, you may decide to use 14K gold versus 18K or platinum. You will typically have some flexibility and this is where we can guide you with some important decisions.

There are 3 ways you can approach design with any artisan:

You can drive the bus.  In other words, you can be in complete control of what you want to do. You may know exactly what you want and simply want our bench jeweler to execute your desires.

You can be a passenger.  You can sit alongside us. We will collaborate together to create something you will cherish for a lifetime!  

You can sit in the back seat. If you decide this is the route you want to go, you simply explain the questions above and allow us free reign to design something unique for you.

Most jewelers prefer collaboration to ensure we meet your ideas and expectations.

Interested? Give us a call at 704-365-4400 or set an appointment here. It starts with a conversation and meeting!