"I value the time the staff takes"

My hubby and I have used Donald Haack Diamonds for 20+ years.  I wouldn't go anywhere else in Charlotte or the surrounding area. They have always been a family owned business and we have found them to be honest, use ethically sourced stones, value their customers like family, treat their staff like family and are fairly priced. Julie Haack creates a wonderful environment for her clients and staff alike. They will work with you to design a one of a kind piece or select something from their awesome collection. Their staff has been with them for years and provide knowledgeable advice and counsel on your purchase. Given that jewelry is an expensive purchase, I value the time the staff takes to know what you are looking for and help you find/make it. I'm happy to say I've recommended a number of folks to them and each person has been thrilled. They are currently working on my 60th birthday gift!!!

avatar  - Mickey

"Shopping there an enjoyable experience"
My husband and I highly recommend Donald Haack. Jennifer makes shopping there an enjoyable experience. She is extremely helpful and always goes above and beyond! When a sales person, like Jennifer, is really knowledgeable and enjoys their line of work it makes you more confident in your purchase. Can't say enough great things about Donald Haack.

avatar  - Miranda

"Unquestionably the best"
Unquestionably the best in Charlotte. Julie and her team are the best - they help me with items for simple occasions such as birthdays and Valentine Day and milestone occasions like anniversaries. The green sapphire and diamond ring we designed for my 20th anniversary was incredible! Personal service, extremely honest, in-depth knowledge and amazing, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

avatar  - Brad

"Rave about my experience"
I recently purchased an engagement ring at Donald Hack and can not rave about my experience enough. I spent a lot of time going to different jewelers but choose Donald Hack because of the customer experience. Everyone I worked with there was friendly and cared about what I truly wanted. I look forward to many more experiences at the best jewelry store in Charlotte!!

avatar  - Josh

My husband got my engagement ring here. We worked with a wonderful woman who is no longer there, however when we were getting our wedding bands we started working with Jennifer and she was just as wonderful. They allowed my husband to design my engagement ring to exactly what I wanted and it was absolutely beautiful. Every time I come in, someone there recognizes me even though I'm only in there for 5 minutes at a time, even when we were getting our wedding bands. They made the process for this quick and easy and they respond to emails within a reasonable amount of time, in fact very quickly! Their selection of other jewelry is beautiful as well and we plan to continue shopping with them for future jewelry needs.

avatar  - Brianne

"LOVING the folks at Donald Haack"
I don't even know where to begin on how wonderful Donald Haack is. I stumbled across them completely on accident because they happened to be one of the only stores in Charlotte that carried a brand of engagement rings that I thought I might be interested in. Ended up not liking the line, but LOVING the folks at Donald Haack! My fiancé and I had been to two other jewelry stores in Charlotte to look at engagement rings prior to coming to Donald Haack and our experience with Christina here completely and utterly blew everything else out of the water. Prior to coming to Donald Haack, I was all over the place with what I wanted in a ring and my fiancé and I were feeling a little defeated in the whole process. Once we met Christina, we were completely at ease and excited about the process. We felt like we had known Christina for years- she spent so much time with us, showed us everything under the sun, and never once made us feel rushed or pressured. She was knowledgable, honest, and it was obvious to us how much she cared about her clients and their happiness. We had the best time with her. I ended up with the most beautiful engagement ring I have ever seen in my life, and couldn't imagine going anywhere else for our wedding bands. We were just back in this weekend for weddings bands, and of course we found the most perfect one! The folks at Donald Haack treat you like family and we will continue to purchase from them for many years to come! Do yourself a favor- start here on your engagement ring search. It'll save you time, and stress!

avatar  - Caitlin

WOW!!! Will just proposed this morning and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us both through this process. It is STUNNING!! And that diamond....well, I think we all know how badly I wanted that diamond! :) We truly didn't get that "we're getting engaged" feeling until we both came in that Saturday and for that, we will both be forever grateful. Can't wait to come in for the wedding band in a few months!

avatar  - CB

"Above & beyond"
Earlier this year I decided to begin my search for the right place to purchase an engagement ring to propose to my significant other Karin. In May I was lucky enough to connect with one of your employees Jennifer Riley ... Jen was incredibly helpful every step of the way to my eventual purchase of Karin's engagement ring from Donald Haack Diamonds / Fine Gems! Working with Jen throughout this process was truly a wonderful experience - from the initial information-gathering stages between the 2 of us all the way through & beyond the actual purchase of the ring. Jen went above & beyond many times & her personal touch with every interaction made me feel so very comfortable in choosing Donald Haack as the place I wanted to make this purchase. Jen's incredible wealth of knowledge helped me immensely as someone who hadn't ever gone through this process before or had much prior knowledge of diamonds / gems. She gave me numerous options that were very helpful for my decision-making process, showed me detailed views of the diamonds & settings available based on my knowledge of what Karin liked, & provided very detailed breakdowns of the information needed for me to make the best decision. I made the purchase & 2 weeks ago I brought the ring with us on an impromptu trip to New York City ... I proposed to Karin on the Bow Bridge in Central Park on Thursday afternoon 9/12. My now fiance LOVES the ring so very much & we are both ecstatic about our future together - let the wedding planning begin! Since I / we had such a fantastic experience working with Jen ... Karin & I wanted to make sure you are fully aware / informed of this & can recognize Jen within your organization on what an outstanding job she did in helping us with one of the best & most important decisions of my life! Also, if there are more individuals in mgmt / upper mgmt that can / should see this message, please forward this along to them as well so Jen's outstanding service can be recognized across your organization. Thank you Jen, Julie, & Donald Haack all so very much,

avatar  - Jason & Karin

"Absolutely phenomenal"
Chris has helped us over the years with multiple purchases and has been absolutely phenomenal! The fact that we keep coming back to you guys even though we are several states away in PA, is a true testament to her service and the fine craftsmanship of the entire team at Donald Haack!

avatar  - Howard & Sara

"Thank you again"
Thank you again for making the anniversary/birthday another success and for allowing me to shed myself of all the other wannabe jewelry stores.

avatar  - John

"thank you so so so much"
I just wanted to thank you so so so much, from the bottom of my heart, for working with Justin and for being so incredibly available to my mom and I all of those months as we worked to find my ideal ring. I couldn't be more thrilled with the final product. It is more than I ever could have imagined. It honestly takes my breath away, and its beauty is so distracting that I almost ran over a squirrel this morning on my way to work b/c I couldn't stop staring at my hand! :)

avatar  - Brooke

"Fine eye for beautiful design"
This little note is to inform you that the Old-Lady Ring is doing quite well and enjoying her new life. I wash and shine her, take her to the movies, out to dinner, and just generally show her off to the admiring crowds. She makes my clothes look more glamorous, my posture straighter, and adds sparkle to the surroundings. Please give my compliments to Sue Ann and the Mother Ring...she has a mighty fine eye for beautiful design. Thank you for finding these lovely stones and having it all put together so wonderfully.

avatar  - Harriet

"Pleasure working with you"
It was a pleasure working with you. I have no doubt you have had many more profitable sales but I can assure you, you have not had a more meaningful sale. Thank you for being such a fun and pleasurable part in the beginning of Liz and my life together.

avatar  - Ric

"Honestly could not be any happier"
I honestly could not be any happier with my engagement ring and you played such a big role in that! When Brad and I started ring shopping, we had no idea how overwhelming the decisions would be; but when we found you, we knew it would be a smooth process. I am so thankful for your guidance, your expertise, and your attention to detail. As I look at the ring on my hand, I am reminded of how you took the time to understand my vision and really bring it to life. It’s a ring that expresses the love between Brad and I and that is to come, how special! A once-in-a-lifetime piece of jewelry from a one-of-a-kind jeweler – Thank you.

avatar  - Erin

"The knowledge and tenacity to help me"
As I began the process to find the “perfect” engagement stone for the heirloom ring I had, Jennifer was the only salesperson in Charlotte who had the knowledge and tenacity to help me find exactly what I wanted whle empathizing with me during this exciting time for a young man like myself. Jennifer found the manifestation of what I had imagined and was still able to work with my budget and thousands of questions. I still catch my wife, almost a year after it was given to her, admiring her left hand when she thinks no one is looking.

avatar  - Edmund

"You gave us the most wonderful experience"
I can’t thank you enough. I have to be honest, you gave us the most wonderful experience. We have been to other places, a long time ago, and I left unsure and nervous and I actually had a nightmare one night about a ring I had picked! I love how Donald Haack is so geared towards customers delight. I was wonderful sitting down with you, in an office, away from people and really feeling like it was our time to make a good and well thought out decision. I felt great when I left and had sweet dreams that night! In my heart, I found my ring, and I could not be happier!

avatar  - Jennifer

"Thank you"
Thank you for finding the beautiful diamond studs. I sparkled my way through a busy and fun wedding weekend. I think these earrings have replaced eyeliner as my new “don’t leave home without it."

avatar  - Sally

WOW is all I can say! Amazing attention to detail.

avatar  - Camron

"I couldn’t be more satisfied"
I couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience working with you and your colleagues. Great people, non-pushy approach to selling, friendly customer service goes a long way.

avatar  - Ryan

"You help to make people happy"
Julie - What a great job you have. You help to make people happy. Thank you...I know she'll love it.

avatar  - Bernie

"Appreciate you taking your time"
I feel fortunate that he asked us to be a part of purchasing a ring, and sincerely appreciate you taking your time to help us. I know that he is on cloud 9 right now, and has to be humbled to have the opportunity not only hopefully marry the girl he loves, but to have your help to give her such a nice ring at this point in his life. THANK YOU for helping him the way you did with the price, and for going the extra mile in helping him create such a beautiful ring. This was 100% the experience that I was hoping he would have. Wow…Looking back, I appreciate my aunt taking the time to introduce me to you and your company, and I’m just glad that I could pass the experience along to my brother. My wife still tells me that she gets compliments on her ring every day. Ya’ll do wonderful work.

avatar  - Seth

"Great advice"
Just a quick note of thanks for your great advice about the vintage style diamond circle necklace for Ashlyn....she absolutely loves it! I honestly don't think she's taken it off except to shower!
"Expert help"
Thanks again for your expert help. Hope to see you again soon.

avatar  - Don

"Above and beyond to help me"
Christina went above and beyond to help me find the ring that was perfect for the specifications my fiance gave me. I had been to many other jewelers over the past week or so before meeting her and did not receive a fraction of the effort she gave to me. I am currently a grad student at Clemson University and as such my budget was tight and I was not able to save what I had hoped for the purchase. Every store I walked into made me feel embarassed that I wasn't spending at least $4,000 on the ring. I left every store with my head hung low and the notion that I wasn't going to be able to give my fiance the ring she deserved/wanted. In contrary, Christina was just the opposite. I told her what the specifications were and the budget and she immediately went to help me find the best suit. Not once did she ever make me feel cheap or discouraged. In addition to her incredibly positive attitude, she continued to search for options due to the fact that I was leaving on a flight to New York where I had planned to propose. This gave her a very short window of time to work with. However, she found the perfect ring after several emails/calls were made describing my options. She even made sure it would be delivered by the date needed. As if that was not enough, the day I was supposed to pick the ring up (14 hours before my flight left), I ran into traffic and was not going to make it to the store before their posted closing time. All the stress and panic disappeared when Christina told me she would stay until I got there. I have rarely received this kind of service in my life regarding ANY purchase I have ever made. My fiance absolutely loved the ring and it was just what she had in mind! Due to Christina's unparalleled service and kindness I have found a jeweler with whom I will continue to do business with from here on out, Donald Haack. I may not have been the biggest spender at this point in my life, but as I get into my career and become more financially able my future purchases will be with this company with hopes of dealing with Christina! We look forward to meeting with her within the next few weeks to pick out wedding bands!

avatar  - Jackson

"Couldnt be more pleased"
Katie loves her ring today as much as the day I proposed to her. I catch her staring at it throughout the day, she really loves it. As I said before, you did a great job and we couldnt be more pleased. Also, I recommend you and your store to people at work etc.

avatar  - Bill

"You are amazing"
You are amazing. I am surprised, shocked and amazed, all in one.Can't wait to get something I have looked and waited on for years. GOD Bless you, and thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul!!! A friend and customer forever!

avatar  - Pat

"Great customer service"
You (and your staff) continue to distinguish yourself through great customer service.

avatar  - Brian

"Kudos to you and your team"
Simple things go a long way in generating a customer who will come back and make future purchases. Kudos to you and your team.

avatar  - Anthony

"Always found myself right back in Donald Haack"
I'll admit, I looked at other places, but always found myself right back in Donald Haack! The atmosphere of the store and the personal attention from Jennifer made it hard to go anywhere else! I finally brought my girlfriend in to look and she was blown away by the warmth of the store. On my fourth visit, I even brought my parents and little sister in! They had the same great impression!

avatar  - Charlie

"Absolutely outstanding"
I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that my fiance loves the ring and you were absolutely outstanding. I went to other jewelers and they were great but you hit the nail on the head in every sense of the word. You were very informative and personable all at the same time.

avatar  - Bernard

"My number one choice"
I am still in disbelief how easy everything was, and how comfortable you made me feel. I am completely satisfied with my experience and my purchase with Donald Haack. You will be my number one choice from here on out with any jewelry purchase.

avatar  - Rubin

"Thank you as always for making this holiday special"
Thank you as always for making this holiday special and suprising... I am not sure how you did it again but with my husband not mentioning anything about any jewelry for christmas I did not say a word about wanting or liking that station necklace, then it just showed up in a beautiful wrapped box! Love it love it love it!

avatar  - Anu

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