Bush Pilot in Diamond Country

In this true and compelling autobiography by one of the few surviving bush-pilots that flew this territory, Donald Haack in his own words brings vividly to life a rags to riches story of a primitive land, diamonds and secrets, treacherous rivers and airplane crashes, and fortunes made and lost. Winner of the POW! Award.

A Light on the Runway

In 1955 Janet Haack flew off from Wisconsin with her new husband, Don, in their two-seater Piper Super Cub named “Grasshopper.” Headed for British Guiana, South America, they would set up a diamond-mining operation & their home in the wilds along the Ireng River. This is Jan's side of the story.

Diamond Safari

Continuing the adventures of Bush Pilot in Diamond Country, Don’s second book, Diamond Safari, is a book of both triumph and tragedy and the ever-present lure of diamonds for Haack and the men who lived, flew and mined diamonds beside him.

Diamonds 'neath My Wings

Diamonds ‘neath My Wings, the third book of the Trilogy on Guyana... melding sophisticated New York investors with the realities of a charter plane business in primitive and uncharted territory of the Lost World.

The Calypso Years

Janet Haack chronicles the fourteen topsy-turvy years they and their four children spent living on the twelve-by-twenty mile island of Grenada in the Caribbean, in The Calypso Years.