I Don't Sell Diamonds

I do not sell diamonds!

Sounds weird, right?  After all, I work for Donald Haack Diamonds.

Let me explain. 

When a client comes into Donald Haack Diamonds for an engagement ring they have usually been shopping around town, learning all their options.

They have seen diamonds and heard several "presentations" on diamonds.

Then they come into Donald Haack Diamonds.

The first thing I do is dispel all misinformation they have been told before meeting me. And there is A LOT of misinformation out there.

Then I explain how diamonds are evaluated and their value. I explain all the nuances that lead to a fairly priced diamond, hopefully increasing the customer's knowledge so that they can feel confident and comfortable about their purchase.

The phrase 'I sell diamonds' sounds like I'm waiting around for someone to come into the store so I can sell something from one of our cases. 

I could say also, 'I am a salesperson’.  This infers that I push the client into believing what I have on hand is the perfect choice for them. It sounds as if I don't take into account what they really want, but instead, push a sale for something I already have. 

This is why I don't sell diamonds. This is why I am not a sales person.

This is what I actually do:

1. I listen.

When a client comes into work with me, first we sit down. I ask them what they understand about diamonds and what their goal is in finding that perfect diamond. Some people want the largest diamond.  Others want the highest color available for their planned budget. Everyone has different goals and my job is to listen, guide where needed, and give them the best options to attain those goals. 

If I do this well, my client is the hero.  When he presents his diamond to his lady, he should feel proud and excited about that diamond. She should be thrilled. That is my goal.

2. I research.

First, I see if my current inventory meets their needs. If I have options that work for this client, excellent! We look over each option, go over all details, and finalize ring setting designs.

However, sometimes I don't have their perfect diamond and then I search for it. 

Does this mean it costs more? No.

Is this bad for the client? No. I am providing a concierge service for my customer at no extra charge.

A larger inventory means more choices, yes.  But it also means more cash tied up in the inventory which is then pushed to be sold- fast. This may not be best for the customer. 

We cherry-pick our inventory, carefully buying daily to keep our selection diverse. We also have excellent relationships with our suppliers who know our standards and honor our requests by sending  in merchandise overnight.

In short, the vendors we choose to work with treat us as carefully as we treat our customers. The vendors ask questions. They listen and they assist us in assisting our customers. We can rely on them. The customer can rely on us.

3. I scrutinize.

I use our resources to find the diamond that is the perfect match for my client: the ideal size, cut, color and clarity. 

I examine the details, sort through options from all over the country, (sometimes the world), to make sure it is the best diamond.

I do this by contacting our hand selected and trusted vendors using years of experience and established connections.

When I do my job, and present the best possible options to my client, he can then make a stress-free decision.  I make it easy.

4. I design.

Then I get to design the engagement ring that meets the client's expectations — listening to what she likes and what he wants.

So, what is my job?

I don’t SELL diamonds and am not a salesperson.

I am a listening-researching-scrutinizing-advising-designing-to find the perfect diamond guru!

I create the best diamond engagement ring within the client's budget every time!

The proposer is the champion and when he proposes with her perfect ring and she begins to cry while saying, "YES!" they will remember this moment for the rest of their lives.

It all begins with "Welcome to Donald Haack Diamonds!"