Do's and Don'ts of Proposing Part One: The Do's

Do's and Don'ts of Proposing Part One: The Do's

Do's and Don'ts of Propsing

When you consider how many people there are in the world, the chances of finding your perfect match are pretty astronomical. However, when you’ve finally located the person of your dreams, the actual task of proposing to them should be the easy part, right?

Not so fast Romeo.

We’re not saying that it’s difficult to plan the perfect moment to pop the question - just that you should take your time laying the groundwork for this momentous event. Just think - you’re actually making history with this question - YOUR history (and that of your family and friends and future descendants, too) so be sure to consider this helpful list of “dos and don’ts” as you prepare your plans.

Let’s get started on the right foot by going over the most important “Dos” that should be considered before you get to the real “I Dos” at the altar.

Dos Include:

  1. Do get ideas about what SHE likes (no one wants to have to tell their fiance that they may have missed the mark with their selection of engagement ring.)
  2. Do ask her sister or best friend for advice on what designs she has liked (and don’t be too proud to search her Pinterest account if needed!)
  3. Do make sure you’ve got her finger size before you buy.
  4. Do ask your jeweler about their return policy (Heaven forbid she says ‘no’.)
  5. Do give yourself enough advance time before the big proposal event. You don’t want to have to explain that you missed your flight to Paris because you were waiting on her ring to be sized.
  6. Do put together a budget - but build in a little wiggle room for yourself so you have some flexibility if an idea or option comes to light that you know she just can’t live without.
  7. Do look for ways to personalize the experience that will make the moment unique and memorable for both of you. Remember, this will be a story that will be told from friend to friend and generation to generation so make it your own.
  8. Do insure the ring by the time you pick it up. No one wants to deal with the stress of losing it or damaging it in the midst of planning a romantic proposal.
  9. Do consider having family or friends nearby so she can show her new ring to them after she says yes. Happiness shared doubles the joy and she’ll be excited to include loved ones in the news as soon as possible.

Did we cover everything you needed to know - or do you have more personalized questions that we didn’t address here? Don’t hesitate to seek out the advice of an expert who has helped guide hundreds of others through this exciting event. Leave us a message in the comments section below, or call us at 704.365.4400 or visit us in person at Morrocroft Village at 3900 Colony Road, Charlotte, NC between the hours of 10a and 6p (Mon-Fri) or 10a-4p on Saturdays. Our staff has the wisdom and experience to help you make YOUR historic moment remarkable.