Budgeting for Wedding Bands

Budgeting for Wedding BandsYou're engaged! Congratulations! Once the dust settles, and you've properly celebrated your engagement, it is time to start wedding planning. In all the fuss, you will choose a date, select a venue and formulate a guest list. In all that planning, you will discuss and plan out a budget. Many couples include the cost of their wedding bands in their wedding budget. I feel this is a slight mistake. Only slight. Budgeting is, of course, very important. And weddings can get very expensive. It's easy to get caught up in the glamour and excitement. Things start adding up with table settings, linens, flowers, cake...and pretty soon the costs all start adding up. The reason I say that it is a mistake to budget the rings in with the wedding costs is because they are not technically part of the wedding. The wedding is an event, a day, a celebration. Your wedding rings are the symbol of your marriage, which is everlasting and they will be worn everyday.

When your wedding is over and you set off on your honeymoon...remember this. The dress was worn, and will be cleaned and stored. The cake was eaten, the drinks were consumed, the food was enjoyed, the band has played, the guests have left (and probably taken your centerpieces!). Your wedding was a great success and everyone had a great time. And now it's over.

But your wedding bands....they still are on your hands. Two symbols, forever reminders of your vows and your commitment to each other and the love that you share. There are two tangible things that last from your wedding day: Your photographs /videos (so definitely hire a great photographer) and your wedding bands (so definitely go to a great jeweler: Me). These are the parts of the wedding I suggest never cutting back on, because they (like your love) are the parts that last. So get the bands you truly want.