A carat is equivalent to one fifth of a gram (.007ounces) and is divided into 100 points. All other characteristics being equal, the larger the diamond, the more rare, the higher the price per carat.  For example, a two carat diamond will cost far more than twice the price of a one carat diamond of the same quality.

Once you have determined what cut, color, and clarity grade you are looking for in a diamond, it is easy to determine the carat weight of diamond that will fit within your budget.  Our experts at Donald Haack Diamonds and Fine Gems can educate you in all the 4 C’s and help you make that all important choice in a quality diamond.

Carat Size Physical Size
¼ Carat 4mm
½ Carat 5.2mm
¾ Carat 5.9mm
1 Carat 6.5mm
1.5 Carat 7.4mm
2 Carat 8mm
2.5 Carat 8.8mm
3 Carat 9.4mm
3.5 Carat 9.7mm
4 Carat 10.4mm
4.5 Carat 10.8mm
5 Carat 11.2mm